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BAHU Boat Mounts & Accessories

The patents pending BAHU Boat Mount System provides a durable, strong, efficient system to accessorize your boat with Shallow Water Anchors, Interchangeable Boat Cleats, Rod Holders, Flag Holders, Table/Grill Mounts, and many many more accessories using just one mount. In the space used for a simple boat cleat, BAHU allows you to swap out multiple accessories, quickly attach them, detach, and stow away in BAHU bags included with every accessory.


BAHU utilizes a patents pending design to create a two piece system that interlocks with a strong pedestal that is locked in place, at an angle of your choice, with a simple quick release pin. When not in use, the BAHU mount is low profile to reduce hazards, and unsightly accessory mounts.

BAHU - Mounts & Accessories

BAHU is a unique family of patents pending boat accessory and mount products allowing multiple quick release boating accessories to be interchangeably installed with a single mount plate. BAHU’s innovative system allows you to attach multiple different quick release accessories to a single mount plate anywhere on your boat as well as docks and decks.

BAHU makes the most efficient use of space on your boat, eliminates unsightly or hazardous accessory attachments, and even transforms existing boat cleats into multipurpose tools making BAHU the ONLY product in the world that converts a standard boat cleat into a multipurpose accessory mount.

This BAHU system has many advantages found nowhere else:

A single BAHU mount can host multiple different BAHU accessories like:

  • Boat Cleats
  • Umbrella Mounts
  • Table/Grill Mounts
  • Shallow Water Anchor Brackets
  • Flag Holders
  • Canopy Pole Holders
  • Beer Pong Table
  • Rod Holder
  • Over 40 Accessories and counting will be available.


  • BAHU Mounts are low profile, and blend with your boat without creating a hazard
  • BAHU mounts are just 3/8” high, 4.375” in diameter
  • BAHU Mounts can be placed virtually anywhere on your boat to create a platform for accessories.
  • All BAHU Accessories are designed to be stowed away easily
  • All BAHU Accessories come with a custom storage bag
  • Quick Release and Mount using just a quick release pin (included with each accessory)
  • Adjust accessory alignment with 360 degree rotation with 30 degree stops

How You Can Use BAHU:

  • Convert an existing boat cleat to a BAHU Cleat and make it multifunctional in the same space.
  • Replace existing rod holder shafts
  • Add to your swim platform and set up your grill, table, add new cleats, and more
  • Add more cleats to your boat where you need them
  • Add to your pontoon, flats boat, ski boat, fishing boat, cruiser, and yachts
  • Get more from your boat accessories by swapping boat to dock, dock to boat

Where You Can Use BAHU:

  • Boat Swim Platforms
  • Boat Decking
  • Boat Catwalks
  • Docks
  • Decks

BAHU Mount Features:

  • Marine grade Aluminum
  • Includes Trim Kit and Cover
  • Includes Hardware and Backing Plate
  • Each Accessory Comes with its own Storage Bag
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
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