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The BAHU Shallow Water Anchor Kit is a great accessory for pontoons, fishing boats, and pleasure boats! Snap the SWA bracket into your Bahu Mount Plate, then drive the special anchor pole into the bottom of the lake, river, or ocean. The sturdy fiberglass anchor pole will hold your boat in place, no ropes, or mess.

Purchase the SWA Kit which includes the Bahu Mount Plate, or purchase just the SWA bracket and Anchor Pole to connect to an existing Bahu Mount Plate, or swap out a Bahu Cleat, or other accessory to connect.

When not in use, stow away the SWA Bracket accessory in the BAHU bag included with purchase, and quickly break down the Anchor Pole as well to stow.

  • Transform a standard cleat on your boat into a Shallow Water Anchor.
  • Eliminate unsightly and hazardous SWA brackets from other manufacturers.
  • Interchange accessory attachments/brackets on your boat with just one Bahu mount.
  • Connect the SWA bracket to any Bahu Mount Plate on your boat.
  • Use a 2nd Bahu SWA Kit for a really firm anchorage and on larger boats.


  • (1) 8’ Foot Fiberglass Anchor Pole (breaks down to 3 parts for storage)
  • Storage Bag
  • Instructions


  • Fiberglass
  • Stainless Steel


  • Pole Length for Storage = 3'
  • Pole Length Assembled = 8’


  • Connect the 3 anchor pole segments by screwing together.
  • Slide BAHU fiberglass anchor pole through the Bahu Shallow Water Anchor Bracket and embed into the bottom of the body of water firmly.
  • See instructions for full details.


Patents Pending. Made in the USA


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