SHORE Light PreOrder

"SHORE" Solar Fixtures offer unprecedented long distance control from distances of up to 1000 FEET or more. The amazing range, long life, and flexible mounting options allow SHORE Solar Lights to be used in ways that aren't possible with ANY other solar light product...

Pre-Order NOW to get yours first and enjoy special values and savings!

Key Features:

  • 1000 Foot range of control (Note: Distance may vary higher or lower depending on placement and terrain)
  • 1 Remote will control an individual light, or multiple lights, one at a time, in groups, or all at once.
  • Multiple modes of operation such as Security Mode, Manual Control, Dusk/Dawn w/Timer, Dusk + Security, 10 point brightness control (dimmable)
  • Mount anywhere using a choice of mount options; wall mount, hook mount, rope mount, pole mount, boat rail mount, fence mount, and more.
  • Quality long lasting materials and a Modular Design with Renewable Components (LED, Battery, Solar Panels) provide years, possibly decades of use.


  • Light up your landscape, home, shoreline, dock/pier and control from the comfort of your home.
  • Mount on your Boat to add atmosphere and safety, deter would be thieves with Security mode. A MUST have for moored boat owners to find their way from shore at night.
  • Light a long driveway, paths and trails, parking lots, buildings, and commercial areas.