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We wanted a very special solar light. We couldn't find it, so we started making our own "SHORE Solar Light". Here is a pic of our very 1st working prototype...


...that prototype became the "SHORE" Solar Light Fixture #1...tested from 940' away...mounted on to H2Owners "The POLE"...


...thoughtful design makes the SHORE Solar Light work almost anywhere...hang it...


...hook it...


...mount on a wall...


...light up your dock, lawn, paths, boats, and more...


..."4 Points" solar panels capture the best light all day...

LIGHT 1 black

...pick a color to suit you knowing you'll get 5, 10, 15 years or more out of your SHORE Solar Lights.

About SHORE Lights:

SHORE solar lights by H2Owners were created with three main "wants" in mind;

1. A solar powered light, not hardwired, so it was portable and versatile.

2. A REALLY good remote that would work from a LONG way away, but not need WiFi. Most remotes work from maybe 15 feet, if lucky, they may work from 25 or 50 feet, our lights work from 500 feet, have been tested to 1000 feet, and in open areas will work from even further.

3. Good looks with the solar built in rather than hanging off the side or determining the shape of the light, long lasting construction, and every feature we wanted like dimming, motion detection, dusk detection, and more.

When we couldn't find a light like this, we made our own, and now they are becoming available to you.



  • Remote

    • Long Range Control from 1000 feet or more. Distance will vary by location. Tested to 1000'. Capable of greater distance in open areas. Control far away lights from your car, home, cottage, or workplace. Turn the lights on from your boat and see your way back to shore. Great for security and lighting an area before entering.

    • Single "Smart" remote. One remote will operate as many lights as you own, individually, or in groups. New lights or other H2Owners "SHORE" fixtures are easily recognized and added to the remote menu.

    • Digital screen display and menu control. Backlit digital display to scroll through lights, settings, and operation.

    • No WiFi needed for operation, however, an app for smart phones will be made available in 2020 to extend control from wherever you are through your phone to the remote, and out to your lights.

  • Settings

    • Direct control On/Off of one or more lights.

    • Multiple brightness settings to suit your mood or need for each light. Brightness variations from 100 to 1000 lumens.

    • Motion detection/Security mode to trigger with proximity and motion. Lights for 1 minute at high power, then 4 minutes at low with each trigger.

    • Dusk Timer will activate light at low setting for your choice of 2 hours, 4 hours, or all night. (Note: The exact length of time that passes before the light shuts off when set at "All Night" setting will vary by the amount of charge provided by the solar panels. Location of the lights when installing will affect this. Choosing a location where there is direct sunlight will provide the greatest charge.)

  • Construction

    • The "Shell" of all SHORE lights are made to last. Materials currently available by choice include powder coated steel, raw unpainted stainless steel, raw unpainted aluminum, and "raw" steel with a galvanized finish.

    • Quality batteries, solar panels, and LEDs are used in SHORE lights, however each of these should last from 3 to 10 years. To ensure that you can enjoy your SHORE light for decades, each SHORE light is made to allow easy replacement of components.

    • Whenever possible, all materials, components, and workmanship of SHORE lights are sourced from U.S. suppliers and service providers.

  • Mounting

    • SHORE lights design coupled with optional mounting brackets allow the lights to be put to use in many locations.

      • Hang from rope, chain or cable in any location.

      • Mount to a fence, wall, or other vertical surface with the Wall Mount Bracket and choice of Gooseneck or Angled Bracket

      • Hang from a decorative hook

      • Pole Mount using another product from H2Owners specially designed to work with the SHORE light that we simply call "The POLE"

        • Adjustable height, weather resistant, non-electrically conductive mounting pole with mounting bracket options for decks, patios, lawn/landscape, docks/piers, and fences.

        • The POLE can be added to your purchase with details shown on its product page.

  • Misc.

    • While it is impossible to provide a light that bugs aren't attracted to, SHORE lights specifically use a "warm" light frequency proven to be the least alluring.

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