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At H2Owners, we like Bare Bottoms when we go for a swim or enjoy the water.  If you're like us and don't like the feel, sight, or smell of lake weeds interfering with your fun, you will love Bare Bottoms Lake Weed Blankets!  



Bare Bottoms Lake Weed Blankets work with Mother Nature to eliminate lake weeds naturally.  Simply lay them in place, leave for a few weeks, and where once there were lake weeds, there is now a clean bare bottom that last for months.

With Bare Bottoms there are no chemicals, no cutting, raking, pulling weeds, or cleaning up the aftermath.


Keeping things simple and avoiding big words like "photosynthesis" here is the science behind Bare Bottoms; without sunlight plants won't grow and will die. 

Bare Bottoms Lake Weed Blankets block sunlight, so any weeds beneath them that want to grow or had already grown will disappear underneath a BB; literally the lake weeds break down and disappear leaving no mess to clean after using BB.

It's a simple concept, but using the right materials in the right way is important!  We have learned a thing or two with trial and error, and the result is Bare Bottoms which you'll see below is the most affordable and convenient lake weed blanket around. 


At H2Owners we took the lessons we learned making our own lake weed blankets and applied them to Bare Bottoms.  There are other products out there, but Bare Bottoms was designed to be more practical for the average Joe or Jill living on the water.  It's the combination of all the simple little things that make Bare Bottoms our personal choice, and we hope yours too.

THE ABC'S... Any lake bottom blanket has certain qualities it MUST have to work.  In no particular order here they are: 

  • They must block sunlight or they won't work.  Bare Bottoms use a material that blocks out virtually all sunlight, and will last for years.

  • They must allow gasses to escape. Gasses are constantly being released on lake bottoms in general, but when lake weeds are decaying beneath a lake bottom blanket things kick up a notch for a while.  Bare Bottoms are made of a specialized fabric that allows water, nutrients, and gasses to pass through.

  • They must sink, not float, so they can lay on the bottom close to the weeds and continue to sink as weeds beneath them decay.

THE 123'S... Using a lake bottom blanket can be tricky, so Bare Bottoms is designed to be user friendly.

  • Affordable.  When compared to other products, BB cost less per square foot than some other products, and about the same as others, but is by far a better value than either. Buy one BB for $159, buy two or more for big discounts.

  • Manageable. BB is designed to be easily stored.  It folds down, rolls right up like a sleeping bag, and comes with it's own storage bag; other products don't come with a storage bag and may have parts as long as 10' or more that you need to find a place for. 

  • Convenient. BB comes with weights included and built right in while other products send you off to buy weights....big ones.  BB comes ready to use so you can avoid the time and hassle of set up that other products require. 

  • Size matters.  A single BB is 6' wide and rolls out to 18' long, and can be connected to other BBs to create a larger treatment area.  This size of BB is easy for one person to manage whether installing it from the water or from a boat.  Other products are so large it is almost impossible for one person to manage and can be downright dangerous from a boat.

  • When bigger is better.  Due to the affordability of BB and that they are easily stored, most customers buy 2 or more BB's and combine them to cover larger treatment areas.  BB's can also be moved from place to place to expand the treatment area.

  • BB is flexible.  Other products are not only very large, but dictate the area you will treat.  Rather than being stuck to a fixed shape and size, BB's can be used more selectively, laid out to cover just the areas you want, and they will fit between frames of most docks too.


  • Determine where you will be placing Bare Bottoms.
  • Remove BB from the storage bag.
  • Lock the weight segments.
  • Carry to the area you will be treating.  BB scrunches up so it is easy to carry from place to place.
  • When placing BB while you are in the water, drop one frame end and walk backwards until it is fully extended. 
  • When placing BB from a boat in deeper water, follow the same steps except loop the supplied rope through the end frame you place in the water last. The rope will allow you to manipulate and extend BB from above. When BB is where you want it, pull one end of the rope loop and gather the rope.
  • In shallow water simply reach down and grab BB, or in deeper water use a rake to help lift BB to you. Now you can move BB to another treatment area, or remove it and ready it for storage.
  • BB can be used repeatedly throughout a season, and will last for years and years if cared for.
  • When done using BB for a season and preparing for storage it should be cleaned and dried.
  • To clean; simply lay BB out, then using a hose and water with a push broom, sweep the sediments off of BB
  • Allow BB to dry
  • Unlock the end frame, fold BB into thirds from the long outer edge toward the center.
  • Roll BB from one end and place into the mesh storage bag. 
  • When you first install BB, it will take some time to settle fully to the bottom, and it is not uncommon for the spaces between weights to "tent" during the first 24 hours as any air trapped in the fabric creates temporary buoyancy.   
  • If installed over the top of lake weeds that are fairly mature, the settling process will take longer as the weeds beneath will gradually bend and decay. 
  • We recommend attaching a rope to one end (or both) and pulling slowly on the rope once a day for the first few days after installation.  This practice will help extend the BB fully and remove any "tenting" in between weight segments as the BB settles and any weeds beneath it collapse.  Once the BB is fully settled, you may remove the ropes.
  • In shallow water, wave action can in some cases shift your BB around.  If placing BB in shallow areas (less than 3') you may want to consider adding weight.  This is also true in areas where you may have stronger currents.  H2Owners sells add on weights that easily clip on to your BB.
  • It is a good practice to lay BB perpendicular to the shoreline so it is less likely to be shifted by wave action.
  • In areas of stronger current, we suggest tying the BB off to your pier or shore. 



Yes..they really do.

Block sunlight, and plants won't grow.  If you have ever left something lying in your lawn for too long, you know the grass underneath it dies.  Bare Bottoms works the same way, just underwater.

Put it in, leave it in place long enough, and the weeds beneath it die off, decay, and disappear.


Yes, you can walk, and swim on BB right away. 


This is one of the great things about may even decide to throw out your aqua socks ;)


Conditions will vary from lake to lake, river to river, and so on, but your BB should provide years of use which makes a very affordable solution to lake weeds even MORE affordable. 

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