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A MULTI-PURPOSE, USE ANYWHERE, long lasting OUTDOOR pole to accessorize your dock, deck, and landscape.

The POLE Story:

H2Owners was started in 2017 by a few neighbors who needed this or that. As a group, the H2Owners folks loved making things, they were moderately clever, and between them they were skilled enough to make what they needed. 

When one of the team needed a pole to light his pier, “The POLE” was born, and the others quickly adapted it to other uses. In the end, the POLE was simply named "The POLE" because the folks here at H2Owners found so many uses for it and we hope you do too. 

How You Can Use It:

The POLE is great for String Lights, Banners, Outdoor Movie Screens, Sun Shades, Privacy Screens, and more. Optional accessories extend the uses further to hang plants, hoses, towels, etc. 

Where You Can Use It:

We are currently offering three mounting options, with a fourth on the way. The multiple mounting bracket options allow you to securely place The POLE in Lawns/Landscapes, mount it to Decks/Patios and other solid surfaces, and to most Docks/Piers.
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